Ages:  16 months to 30 months

Interim Lead Teachers:  Ms. Alexis & Ms. Jamie

Circle Time:

-Good Morning Song

-Sing the Alphabet

-Flashcards ( numbers, colors, shapes)

-Parts of the body

Self Help:

-Learning their number recognition

-Getting their belongings in and our of cubbies

-Self feeding

-Independent dressing

-Helping with chores (folding laundry, cleaning tables, picking up toys, sweeping)

Fine Motor Skills:


  • Paste things onto paper
  • using stickers
  • manipulating crayons/markers

-Building towers and knocking them down

-Completing puzzles

Catching bubbles

Gross Motor Skills 

-Ride Bikes

-Catch a large ball

-Climb Stairs

-Bounce House Jumping

Sensory Activities

-Water play

-Play Dough