Parent Handbook

Handbook of Policies & Procedures

We reserve the right to make changes to our policies and procedures

effective immediately, at any given time, without notice.

Version: January 2022

Dear Parents:

Welcome! This Handbook is provided for parents of children attending Macomb Learning Center. It contains a great deal of information regarding rules, procedures, and policies for our facility.

Please keep this Handbook in a place where it will be readily accessible. You can also find the most up to date version on our website

Refer to it whenever you have a question about our policies. If further information is needed, contact the Director and/or Assistant Director. We hope that you will find it helpful and we look forward to assisting your child to grow and develop into an outstanding individual.


Christine Coutilish Brenda Parker

Director Assistant Director


Macomb Learning Center is a Private Preschool and Educational Childcare that was founded by two friends…working mom’s with the idea that other working parents need a place to take their children that feels like an extension of home. Children thrive when provided with a safe and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and creativity. Children develop knowledge through play, discovery, communication with others, and exploration through the careful facilitation of the teacher. Our curriculum incorporates a variety of educational theories while embracing the whole child and allowing for hands-on experiential learning designed to foster creativity and expand self-expression. Each child is unique with an individual pattern and timing of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Children learn best when surrounded by caregivers who encourage them to think for themselves, make decisions, work toward their own solutions, and express their own ideas and feelings.


  • To hold a spot for your child you must pre-pay the enrollment fee and first week’s tuition. (Both are non-refundable)

  • We will hold the spot for up to a two-week period. Longer hold time requires weekly payment. (non-refundable)

  • All required paperwork must be submitted before the child is permitted to attend


  • The enrollment fee and first week’s tuition are required no later than the Thursday before the child is to start attending our center

  • Cash, check, money order, or ZELLE payments are accepted. Send ZELLE payments to

  • All required paperwork must be completed and turned in to the office no later than the Thursday before your child is to start attending our center. This includes but is not limited to…

      • Child Information Card

      • Certificate of Immunization (or waiver)

      • Physical Evaluation

      • Proof of medical insurance

      • Parent Handbook sign-off

      • Current email & phone # of parent/guardian

      • Enrollment Fee

      • First week’s tuition


Upon enrollment, there is a two week trial period where either party may terminate the enrollment contract without penalty if MLC and the child or child’s family are not a good fit.


Unfortunately, not everything runs as smoothly as expected. If a behavioral issue, infraction of the policies, or any other situation where the director feels termination is required occurs, MLC will…

    • Give you a verbal warning

    • Give you a written warning via email

    • Give you a one-week notice of dismissal.

If it is for a reason that would require immediate dismissal that decision is up to the discretion of the director.


  • If there is a need for you to withdraw from the center, advance notice of at least two weeks is required in writing.

  • If a two week notice cannot be given, payment for the following 2 full weeks after notice is given is still required regardless of attendance.

  • All notices must be turned into the office in writing or through e-mail …

  • Tuition charges and late fees will continue to be added to your account if you fail to provide written notice of withdrawal.


  • Your child may have a set 3, 4, or 5 day schedule or a schedule that varies week to week.

  • All schedule changes must be submitted via email to by 9am Thursday for the following week and approved by the office staff….Teachers are not permitted to approve schedule changes!

  • All children must be in the center no later than 8:45am on their scheduled days.

  • Please call the center before 9am to let us know if your child is going to be late or off for the day!

  • If you are not here by 9am and have not called we will assume that your child will not be in for that day. We will make all necessary adjustments to our program and your child will not be permitted to attend for that day if you show up late!

  • Please arrive for pickup no later than 4:50pm so you and your child are safely out of the building by 5pm.

  • Late pick-ups after closing will be charged a per minute late fee. See Tuition Schedule for late pick-up fees.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late after closing time, and have not contacted MLC, the program director will have to call Child Protective Services.


  • MLC’s doors open at 7am and are locked at 5pm.

  • At pick-up, please enter the vestibule no later than 4:50pm so that you are safely out of the building by 5pm. For the health and safety of the child and staff, entrance by parents, guardians, visitors, etc is NOT permitted.

  • MLC staff will sign in/out your child and temperatures will be taken before children & MLC staff are permitted to enter the building.

  • We will release your child only to those you have on your Child Information Card that are age eighteen or over.

  • Everyone will be asked to show proper ID until we recognize faces.


  • Cash, Check, Money Order, or ZELLE

  • Pre-paid weekly tuition and schedule changes are due by 9am every THURSDAY for the following week.

  • Monthly tuition and schedules are due the LAST THURSDAY of each month for the following month.

  • If tuition is paid AFTER the due date, Late Fees will be charged. See Tuition schedule

  • DHS is not accepted.

  • Returned checks will be charged a fee of $35. Repeated offenses may result in termination.

  • Full weekly tuition is required regardless of attendance. This includes, but is not limited to, emergency closures due to building issues, weather, health crisis, etc.


  • Full weekly tuition is due regardless of your child’s attendance.


During non-business hours:

In case we have to close because of severe weather, building problems, or other such emergencies, it will be announced on local news channels, our website, our facebook page and sent to your email address that we have on file.

During business hours:

If there is an emergency and we need to close we will contact you immediately…Please make sure we have your correct phone number on file at all times.

  • Your child must be picked up within 30 minutes of MLC contacting you due to emergency closures.

  • Only person(s) listed on the information card will be allowed to pick-up your children or, you must give us the name of the person picking up. We will check picture ID for everyone we do not know!


We have 4 quarterly fire drills per calendar year and 2 tornado drills during the months of April to October so your child can react in a safe and orderly manner. If an actual emergency occurs that requires evacuation of our center we will notify you immediately.


  • Full weekly tuition is required 50 weeks per calendar year.

  • You will receive one (1) non-pay week (Monday through Friday) for vacation each calendar year.

  • Your non-pay vacation week is available AFTER your child has been enrolled a minimum of 90 Days.

  • Please let us know in advance the week you would like to use as your non-pay vacation week.

  • The last week of December is also a non-pay week. MLC will be CLOSED for year end.


  • MLC is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm unless otherwise stated.

  • The center will be closed or have an early close on select Holidays.

  • We will post a schedule of dates that we are closed for the holidays as each year the dates change. Postings will be:

  • Full weekly tuition is required regardless of holiday closures.


  • Physical and immunization records will be kept on file. Parents will update when required.


      • Before the child’s first day of attendance, the parent/guardian must supply the office with one of the following.

    • A certificate of immunization showing a minimum of 1 dose of each immunizing agent specified by the department of health and human services.

    • A copy of a waiver addressed to DHHS and signed by the parent stating immunizations are not being administered due to religious, medical, or other reasons.

    • Please note: when immunizations are incomplete, they must either be completed or a signed statement by a licensed health care provider stating immunizations are in progress is required for the file.


      • Before first day of attendance, a physical evaluation of the child that notes any restrictions and is signed by a physician is required to be on file.

      • Parents/physicians will provide in writing any known health conditions such as asthma, seizures, allergies, etc. and the symptoms that may appear.

      • The physical evaluation must be performed within 1 of the following time limits:

        • For an infant, within the preceding 3 months.

        • For toddlers, within the preceding 6 months.

        • For preschoolers, within the preceding 12 months.

      • Physical evaluations must be updated as follows:

        • Yearly for infants and toddlers.

        • Every 2 years for preschoolers.

      • Upon enrollment and annually thereafter, the center is required to keep on file a signed statement from a school-age child’s parent confirming all of the following:

        • The child is in good health with activity restrictions noted.

        • The child’s immunizations are up to date.

        • The immunization record or appropriate waiver is on file with the child’s school.

    • If you object to a physical examination or medical treatment on religious grounds, then an annual signed statement that your child is in good health and that you assume responsibility for your child’s state of health while at our center is required.


The following guidelines have been established to ensure a safe environment for all children and staff:

  • If your child becomes ill at home we ask you not to bring him/her for that day to prevent spreading the illness to others.

  • If your child becomes ill at MLC, we will contact you to come get your child.

  • Your child will be sent home for any of the items listed under the section Symptoms common to communicable diseases.

  • We ask that you pick up your child within 30 minutes of us contacting you.

  • Your child will be in the Office if he/she is too ill to remain in the classroom.

  • The classroom and the items used by the sick child will not be used by any other individual until washed, rinsed, and sanitized.

  • Your child will not be permitted to return until he/she is 24 hours symptom free without the use of medications. A doctor’s note stating diagnosis, treatment plan, and return date may be required.

Communicable disease: An infectious disease that is transmissible from person to person by direct contact with an infected individual or the individual’s discharges, or by indirect means through a vector (one host to another via an object).

    • Communicable Disease includes, but is not limited to

      • Chicken Pox

      • Hand, foot, & mouth disease

      • Influenza

      • Measles

      • Mumps

      • Pertussis / whooping cough

      • Rubella

      • Tuberculosis

      • COVID
      • RSV
  • Symptoms common to communicable diseases

    • Red or running eyes, sneezing or discharge from nose.

    • Cough (persistent or productive).

    • Sores and crusts on the scalp, face, or body (red, swollen, or draining).

    • Any skin eruption or rash.

    • Sore throat.

    • Fever (100.4 or higher).

    • Nausea & vomiting.

    • Diarrhea (2 loose stools) or persistent abdominal pain.

    • Pain and stiffness in neck

    • Persistent headache.

    • Infectious conjunctivitis (pink-eye).

    • Nuisance diseases such as head lice, impetigo or ringworm.

  • We will allow re-admittance following illness based on any/all of the following conditions:

    • Child is symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medications, or a signed note from the doctor stating diagnosis, treatment plan, and date that the child may return to childcare.

    • Child has a normal temperature (98.6).

    • Child has been on a prescribed antibiotic for 24 hours.

    • Child must be able to function and participate in a group setting including going outside.

  • You will be notified via email if any child or staff member has contracted a communicable disease and will be provided with the following information.

    • Name of the disease

    • Symptoms of the disease

    • Prevention measures as recommended by the CDC


  • MLC will not administer any medications such as fever reducing medication, cough and cold medication, and allergy medications that may mask communicable diseases.

  • Prescription and nonprescription medication shall be given if cleared by the Director. The parent/guardian must completely fill out the proper Medication Permission Form.

  • All medication must be in its original container, stored according to instructions, and clearly labeled for a named child, including all nonprescription topical medications including but not limited to diapering cream, triple antibiotic, sunscreen, & insect repellent.

  • All nonprescription medication requires annual authorization.

  • Prescription medication must have the pharmacy label indicating the physician’s name, child’s first and last name, instructions, name and strength of the medication, and must be given according to those instructions.


  • All staff is trained in first aid, CPR, and blood borne pathogens.

  • When injuries do occur we will call you if necessary.

  • If we feel it is life threatening we will call 911 for an ambulance first, then you.

  • All injuries will have an accident/incident form filled out which requires your signature and then will be added to your child’s file.


In the event of any serious accident or illness an ambulance may be called. To ensure your child’s safety we keep on file the names and phone numbers of the people you authorize to pick up your child, please keep this information current. We also ask you to supply the name and phone number of your doctor. MLC’s primary concern is to keep all of our children safe, happy, and HEALTHY!!!


Childcare providers that are licensed by the State of Michigan are required by law, just like doctors offices, to report any sign of neglect or abuse of the children in our care, and we will promptly do so. We have a legal responsibility to do so and can be fined or jailed for failure to comply.


  • We legally have no right to deny a parent their child without a court order.

  • MLC wishes to remain neutral in all custody matters and the center may not serve as a visitation or drop-off/pick-up sight.


  • Naptime must be provided when children under school-age are in attendance 5 or more continuous hours per day.

  • Naptime is 12:30pm to 2:30pm…(infants dictate their own rest times).

  • MLC provides a cot or a crib for each child. The cots and cribs are sanitized daily.

  • Infants 0 to 12 months are not allowed to have a blanket so you must provide footie pajamas.

  • Children ages 12 months and older are permitted to use a blanket at naptime. MLC provides the blankets.

  • For health reasons, blankets/sheets are laundered weekly, more often if soiled before wash day.

  • All Infant/Toddler staff are trained in safe sleep practices…all infants are placed flat on their backs to sleep.

  • A Physician’s note is required for any other sleep position besides back for infants. Example: swing, bounce seat, etc. The note must have an end date.

  • School- age children are required to have a minimum one hour rest-time.


  • MLC will provide breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. (weekly menu’s are posted online and in our vestibule)

  • If children have any allergies to foods we ask that the center be notified of this on the information card and annual contract.

  • Because of allergies, NO food or beverages from home are allowed to be brought into the center (infants under 12 months old are the exception).

  • All formula and baby food for your infant is to be provided by the parent.

  • Upon baby’s first birthday, he/she will be following our scheduled times for meals and snacks. This means your one-year-old is expected to be eating most table foods, drinking out of a sippy cup, and self-feeding … with the help and encouragement of our teachers.


  • ALL CHILDREN (yes, infants too!) are required to play outside everyday at least 60 minutes unless the weather does not permit it. Such weather includes…Extreme cold temperatures, Rain, sleet, high winds, excessive heat.

  • MLC will provide SPRAY sunscreen. All children 6 months and older will have sunscreen applied before going outside.

  • If you feel your child is too sick to go outside they should remain home until they are well.

  • Make sure you child is dressed appropriately for the current day’s weather! YES, even the infants go outside!

  • If your child does not have the proper clothing for the day, you will be called to bring it in ASAP!


Absolutely NO toys or special items from home. MLC is not responsible for any lost or damaged items brought in from home.


  • Your child should wear comfortable, washable clothing along with closed toed shoes.

  • Bring in at least two complete extra outfits to be kept at the center that are weather appropriate including underwear, socks, & shoes.

  • In the winter please include: coat, boots, snow-pants, hats, and mittens.

  • If your child has an accident, we do not wash the clothing here, we send it home with you and you must bring more clothing to leave here. Infants, toddlers, & potty training children will need at least two extra outfits. Please note that for BM accidents Licensing requires us to throw out the undies.

  • A child’s supply of clean diapers or training pants may only be used for that child. We are not permitted to “borrow” diapers or undies from others. If your child runs out, you will get a call to bring more in or pick up your child.

  • All clothing must be labeled with child’s full name. If not labeled by you, we will use a sharpie to put your child’s full name on the tag / inside of all clothing so we know ownership.

  • PLEASE do not dress your child in clothing that you do not want to get dirty. Kids are curious explorers that get dirty in order to really learn about the world around them. They will get dirty, they will have fun, they will learn!


  • Planned activities & free-time.

  • In house & within walking distance field trips. To be determined each summer.

  • There is an activity fee for this program. TBD each summer.

  • Meals and snacks are provided.


  • YES, we love to be part of your child’s birthday celebration!

  • Treats are welcome…please ask your child’s teacher about allergies or restrictions.


  • We will host several parties per year to celebrate different events and holidays.

  • If your family does not celebrate a particular event or holiday, or celebrates something different at a particular time of year please feel free to discuss with your child’s teacher how to share your family’s culture and beliefs with the rest of the class. We want to embrace and celebrate differences to help continue to build diversity and multicultural awareness.



Pre-made formula/breast-milk bottles enough for the day (under 1 year)

Baby food … no glass jars (under 9 months)

Diapers (full bag) … we change diapers every 2 hours…more if needed.

Diaper Ointment

2 or 3 extra changes of clothes (weather appropriate)

Shoes for walking/running on the playground

Pacifier (under 1 year) & teething gel if needed

Footie PJ’s (under 1 year) for sleeping. No blankets are permitted in cribs.


1 or 2 extra changes of clothes (weather appropriate)

Shoes for walking/running on the playground