My name is Mrs. Heather and I am the lead teacher in this classroom.  Ms. Sydney is my assistant.

What we expect in the Pre-K2 classroom

Every morning after snack, I have circle-time.  This is where the children learn to sit and listen to me read stories, teach them colors, alphabet, numbers (1-20), and shapes through flashcards, etc.  Following circle time, we will have directed activity where children learn to play with each other in groups for 15+ minutes at each station.  The children do something art related daily whether it’s coloring or painting.  I also do art projects related to the theme for each month with them.  The children get outside time every day…weather permitting.

Children become more independent and learn to do more for themselves.  For example, learn to sit in chairs and self-feed.  Pre-K2 kids sleep on cots, with no pacifiers or bottles and we use open face cups (no lids) to drink our water and milk.  A challenge in the Pre-K2 room is potty-training.  They learn to wipe themselves, pull up their pants, flush the toilet, and wash their hands.

Sydney and I are working really hard to promote independence!  Resist doing for your child what they can do themselves.  Allowing your child to do more themselves also shows your child that you trust them and believe in them.  This will help develop healthy self-esteem.

I also promote emotional, physical, social, & intellectual development in a fun, engaging environment & encourage my parents to be involved too.  I feel good communication is the key to a successful parent-teacher relationship.  Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.  I look forward to having your child in my classroom!

Mrs. Heather

Ages:  2.5 years until 3 and fully potty trained

Lead Teacher:  Heather Tymczak

Potty Training: 

-Telling the teacher when they have to go potty

-Potty training kids have accidents, bring in extra clothes

-Wear outfits they can take on and off by themselves

Self Help Skills:

-Pulling Pants up, and down

-Self serving lunch/snack

-Getting dressed independently

Using Our Words:

-Telling a teacher what I want

-Communicating with my friends to resolve conflict

Following Directions:

-Lining up

-Sitting down

-Cleaning up after themselves

-Staying in our stations until it’s time to change