Christine Coutilish

Director:  Christine Coutilish

Hi, my name is Christine Coutilish.  I turned 50 in November 2018!  I can’t believe it since I’ve been 29 for the past 21 years!!!  What can I say about myself?  WELL…..

I’m married to my best friend.  I’m the mother of TRIPLETS.  I’m sarcastic, I’m loyal, I’m opinionated, I love children…especially when they go home with someone else.  Did I mention I’m sarcastic?  I love to be busy.  I’m not a typical “girl”.  I love power-tools, getting things done, and making things great!  I push myself to learn and grow every day and I have very high expectations for myself, my family at home, and my MLC family!!!  I expect everyone I care about to be the best they can be!!!

I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Oakland University and I also attended Macomb Community College where I obtained 18 credit hours in Early Childhood Education.  My Husband’s name is Peter George Coutilish, and he is part-owner of MLC with me.  Pete and I got married in Assumption Greek Orthodox Church on October 1, 1994….

During the course of our marriage, I’ve had a few jobs.  When Pete & I first met, I was working for Children’s World Learning Center.  I was at CWLC from 1988 to 1996 in every capacity from Part-Time Assistant Teacher to Full Time Assistant Director.  I was a PAD Analyst for GM from 1996 to 1999 but eventually got “tired” of that job.  Why?  Well, because on October 17, 1999 our TRIPLETS…Alexis, George, & Sydney…were born!!!  

We’ve managed to keep them alive for 18+ years and they are all College Students!  Our first born is Alexis who want’s to be “Rich & Famous” but in the meantime, she is attending Oakland University to become a Dermatologist like her idol, Dr. Sandra Lee…aka…Dr. Pimple Popper!  Our son George is going to Macomb Community College for Skilled Trades, specifically in Welding, although he is great at small engine repair, loves his Ford F150, wearing jeans and flannel shirts, and going skeet shooting!  George is also pursuing a career with the Air National Guard.  The baby of our family is Sydney.  She got most of the creative genes and is a whiz at photography, drawing, painting, and graphic design and is double majoring in Studio Art, & Graphic Design at Oakland University.

Did I mention that I’m close, personal friends with SANTA???  He loves his Caddy when the reindeer are resting!

We have the goofiest Doberman…his name is Jack Daniels but, he answers to Bork-Bork.  He never met a box he didn’t like…

We also have 2 cats:  Phoenix was given to us by Ms. Brenda when her outside cat, Daisy had an oops litter of kittens.  Leo found my husband when Pete was visiting a friends farm in Alpena.  Now, they are both living the good life with the Coutilish Crew!

So, what else would you like to know about me?  Please stop by my office and lets chat!!!