Brenda Parker

Assistant Director:  Brenda Parker

Hi, I’m Brenda Parker

Unlike Christine, I’m NOT going to be 50 this year….but I will be in February…yay me.  Well, where should I start?  It’s so hard to talk about myself well, here it goes….

I am a single mother of 3 amazing kids.  When I do something, I put my whole heart into it.  I am a hardworking, smart, funny, kind, caring person.  That’s why Christine and I make such a great team here at MLC, we balance each other out.

I received an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from SC4.  Then, I went to UofM Flint for Elementary Education.  One of my favorite quotes…”Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life“.  That was when MLC was created in 2011.  I do love my job, MLC Parents, MLC Kids, and Staff.


However, my biggest love is my 3 kids.  My son, Cody, is 21 years old and has one year at Ford Motor Company.  He is an amazingly hard worker, and loves to hunt and fish in his spare time.

Next is my daughter, Cassie, she is 20 and is in her 3rd year at UofM Dearborn.  She is working toward a degree in Psychology.  When she is not in class, she holds a full-time job and loves to travel and cliff dive.  Yes, she is my crazy, beautiful, wild child!

Finally, last but not least, is my very talented 15 year old son Connor.  He is a sophmore at Capac High.  He loves to do Bump-n-Runs, fix up cars, ride dirt bikes, hunt, and fish.  He has a big heart like his Mama and helps senior citizens with yard work in his spare time.

With our big hearts comes our love for animals.  We have 2 dogs…Remi is our 3 year old Pomeranian Beagle.  He is very smart and loves to cuddle.

Max is our 2 year old Beagle.  He can be smart when he wants.  Especially when it comes to chasing bunnies.

We started out with 2 cats that quickly turned into 9 cats!  Katina, our Momma kitty, blessed us with 7 kittens.  Good thing they are outside kitties.  I don’t think there is a mouse or mole in Capac at all.  They are all dead on my deck!  Oh yeah, can’t forget Cody’s new fur-baby, Axel.  He’s a 3 month old German Shorthaired Pointer.  He’s going to be a great hunter.

To finish out the clan, we have 12 fish.  They are the best pets ever!

Geesh, and I thought it was going to be hard talking about myself.  All in all, I feel very blessed to be where I am in life.  I have 3 amazing kids, family, pets, and my MLC family.  Life can’t get any better.  Well, maybe if I win the lottery!!!