Toddler Classroom: Ms. Brie

Hello parents of MLC, I would like to welcome you and your children to the month of March! For the month of March I will be focusing on incorporating St. Patrick’s Day themes into my daily teaching! My goal for this month is to get the children educated on St. Patrick’s Day festivities and customs while still making sure they are learning! Sidenote: There is repetitive information in this newsletter that is from the last newsletter as it still applies! Now, here is what you need to know in my classroom this month.              

Rules/Expectations: In my classroom I do encourage self help skills throughout each school day! Every child will learn the following:

  • Self feeding (Using forks & spoons, throwing away their trash in the garbage bin, putting up their cups with straws when all done, and pushing in their chair when finished).
  • Independent dressing (I encourage them to put on their hats, shirts, pants, shoes, boots, gloves and jackets on & off).
  • Getting their belongings in and out of their cubbies (Blanket, clothes, extra diapers).
  • Helping with daily classroom chores (cleaning tables, folding laundry, picking up toys when needed). 
  • Friendship (Sharing, taking turns, having nice hands with the other children).

Upcoming March Crafts: To get each child excited for St. Patrick’s Day, I am planning a variety of themed crafts: St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Chain Craft, Marshmallow Shamrock Craft, and St. Patrick’s Day Cards. As always, I want to get them all involved and have them bring home their seasonal crafts that they’ll be proud of! I hope all of you will be too!

Reminders: Children who already have or will be turning 2 years of age must now bring in a face mask! I will do my part to encourage those that do as it is important for all of us to stay safe during these times! 

Please dress your children appropriately even though the weather is getting nicer. I still highly encourage all of you to bring your child in extra weather-appropriate clothing whether it be snow pants, snow boots, hats, and gloves! Also, please bring in extra school clothes: shirts, pants, socks. 

Sidenote: If you can, please bring in current family photos as I tape them on the walls of my classroom. The children love seeing themselves, family members, as well as pets in photos and so do I!  

Ages:  16 months to 30 months

Lead Teacher:  Ms. Brie

Circle Time:

-Good Morning Song

-Sing the Alphabet

-Flashcards ( numbers, colors, shapes)

-Parts of the body

Self Help:

-Learning their number recognition

-Getting their belongings in and our of cubbies

-Self feeding

-Independent dressing

-Helping with chores (folding laundry, cleaning tables, picking up toys, sweeping)

Fine Motor Skills:


  • Paste things onto paper
  • using stickers
  • manipulating crayons/markers

-Building towers and knocking them down

-Completing puzzles

Catching bubbles

Gross Motor Skills 

-Ride Bikes

-Catch a large ball

-Climb Stairs

-Bounce House Jumping

Sensory Activities

-Water play

-Play Dough