Infants / Toddlers / Pre-K2

Days Full-Day (6am to 6pm) Half-Day (6am to Noon)
3 $159 $90
4 $212 $120
5 $265 $150

Pre-K3 / Pre-K4 / School-age

Days Full-Day (6am to 6pm) Half-Day (6am to Noon)
3 $129 $90
4 $172 $120
5 $215 $150

Late Pay & Late Pick-up Fees

Occurrence Late Pay Fee Late Pick-up Fee
1st $5/day late $2/minute late
2nd $10/day late $5/minute late
3rd $20/day late $10/minute late
4th dis-enrollment dis-enrollment

Other Expenses

Enrollment Fee $75
Key Fob Fee $10/fob
Schedule Change Fee $30/day (during current week)
Summer Activity Fee $10/month (June, July August)

~ At time of enrollment 1st weeks tuition and any applicable fees must be paid.

~ All children MUST attend a minimum of 3 days per week.

~ You must pay for the minimum 3 days each week to hold your place, even if you are not in attendance.  (NOTE:  does not apply for School-age).

~ 10 vacation/sick days (no charge) to be used between January 1st & December 31st each year. 

~ All children MUST be in the center by 9am.

~ Weekly tuition must be prepaid every Thursday. Monthly tuition must be pre-paid the last Thursday prior to the new month.

~ Tuition Discounts for full-time, 5 days per week students only:

Pre-pay for 2 weeks = 5% off daily rates

Pre-pay for 1 month = 10% off daily rates

~ Sibling Discounts : 10% off 2nd, 3rd, etc child(ren). Discount is off oldest children.

~ DHS is not accepted.

~ All children must be picked up by 6pm. See Late Pickup Fees above

~ Returned checks will be charged a fee of $35.00. Repeated offenses may result in dis-enrollment.

~ Cash, Check, & Money Orders are accepted.

~ MLC does not provide Transportation to or from schools at this time.

~ Annual Rate increase every September.  Prices are subject to change without notice.