Sydney Coutilish

Hi! I’m Ms. Sydney!

or Ms. Cindy, Syd, Sit-knee, same difference. I’m one of Mrs. Christine’s Daughters, and an assistant teacher here at MLC. I’m currently attending Oakland University, double majoring in Studio Arts (Photography), & Graphic Design. I like to implement creativity, and imagination into everything I do.¬†You’ll find a lot of my work around the daycare (e.i Paintings on the walls in the toddler, and PK2 room), and on the Macomb Learning Center facebook page. (photography) Every so often I am asked to set up a studio in the daycare for special occasions, like winter holiday portraits. The kids here are wonderful examples of innocents and wonder, I feel being in such a pure environment is so great for the soul. I hope to inspire your children, as much as they inspire me.