Hi!  The school-age kids have been doing a wonderful job with their virtual learning.  In September, we all tackled the logistics of not only how to create a learning environment to accommodate the virtual classroom but also how to actually learn virtually.  Now that we have mastered that….Yep, a twist….some schools have decided to go hybrid the middle of October.  Then came November and yep…we’ve come full circle and the kids went virtual again.  Now it’s 2021 and we are back to Hybrid…and wait…what?…the Jr. High & High School kids will get to go face to face as well!!!  Regardless of what happens with Public schools this year, please know that MLC is here for you!!!

YES!  We will continue with what we started in September.  YES!  There is a spot for your schoolager in our center.  YES!  He/she can continue their learning with us because MLC is here for you!!!

Please send your school-ager dressed for the weather!  During their breaks we do try to send them outside when we can so they can stretch their bodies and get some fresh air!

We have several different ages and schedules in our classroom so, we rely on the fact that your child knows his/her daily schedule and what is expected of him/her each day!  Please reinforce this at home as well.

Ages: Kindergarten through 12 years old.