NOVEMBER 2020 Newsletter


 Originally, my goal was, by the end of September, to have each student’s first assessment completed. Students are evaluated in the fall, midyear, and then again in the spring before graduation. These assessments simply tell us where each child is, in their learning/behavior, and in which areas their strengths/weaknesses may fall. This allows me to service individual student’s
needs, as well as keep you appraised of their progress moving forward.  However, I have decided to give them a bit more review time, due to setbacks in the spring, from COVID. I am now planning on November, for the students’ fall assessments. I will resume the “normal” schedule for mid-year and spring assessments.

Daily Learning
 Every day we have circle time. We learn, but are not limited to, the following things daily: learn/review letters and sounds, sign language, numbers, sight words, name practice, alphabet, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, weather, opposites, patterns, rhyming words, gross and fine motor skills, outside play (weather permitting), exercise/learning songs, etc.
 Every week, there is a new letter/number/sight words introduced to the students, with each week building on the previous week.
 Every week, students learn math, science, social studies, reading, writing, art, scissor skills, sensory play, dramatic play, social skills, manners, etc.
 Although, there is a lot of repetition in PK4, the students are exposed to the same information in a variety of ways. This allows me to see what students know, not what they have memorized; in addition, it touches on several multiple senses, and learning styles in order to reach all students.

 Please make sure your child has a coat, and the extra clothes in their cubby are weather appropriate.
 The last week of October will be MLC Spirit Week (see website/emails for details).
 Friday, October 30th they may wear their costume to school.
 Please make sure that your child can undo their costume enough to go potty. There is only one of me, and sometimes they wait too long before they say they need to go. So, to avoid any accidents,
please help them be able to manage their costume.
 Please check emails and the MLC website often for changes, updates, and/or special events…such as, Halloween Spirit Week.

At Home
 Please make sure that your child brings home their papers from the day; not only will you know some of what they are learning, but you can then reinforce the information and skills at home.
 Please practice writing your child’s name. Right now, we are only focusing on the first name, but they will be working on their last name by the end of the year.
 Please help them rhyme, see shapes in everyday objects, and help them apply their classroom learning in “real” life situations.
 Please encourage your child to read. Of course, they love listening to stories, but encourage them to pick up a book (even if it is the same one) and “read” it.  Encourage them to tell the story by looking at the pictures/visual clues and make up a story to go with it. This is one of the major steps to reading on their own.
 When you read to your child, please track the words with your fingers, so that they can see the words that they are hearing.
 Ask them if they see any sight words, color words, or any other words that they may know.

Yours in Early Childhood Education,
Ms. Chris

Ages:  4 years and will be attending Kindergarten the following Fall.

Lead Teacher:  Mrs. Chris

Circle Time:

-Days of the Week

-Months of the Year


  • uppercase
  • lowercase
  • sounds

-Numbers 1-100




-Sight Words

-Word “chunks”

-Word families


Gross Motor:

-Simon Says

-Exercise Songs

-Kids Yoga

Fine Motor:

-Holding writing, and eating utensils properly

-using scissors

-Creating with legos


Sensory Activities:

-Play Dough/Slime

-Water Play e.i washing dishes, babydolls, cars


-Manipulating tape

-Cozy corner


-Instruments (creating/playing)

-Songs at Circle Time

-Songs to help learn concepts

-Song of the Month


-Number activities

-Color by Numbers

-Math manipulation

-Writing numbers

-Spatial awareness




-Nature walks



-Dramatic play

-Chalk outside

-White boards



-Prop boxes


-Teacher led story time

-Group/Independent reading

-Writing Full Names

-Learning Address, and Phone Numbers

-Tracing letters/numbers

-Color by letter

-Color by sound

-Writing using; Paper, white boards, sand, etc