Ages:  2.5 years until 3 and fully potty trained

Lead Teacher:  Alexis Maddox

We are Big Kids now!

In Pre-K2 we work on Self-Help skills…
We sit at the table in child size chairs when we eat snacks and lunch.
We use a spoon and fork to eat our lunch…NOT our hands!
We use PLEASE and THANK YOU when we ask for more.
We drink out of an open cup…no more sippie cups in Pre-K2.

In Pre-K2 we start to use the bathroom!
We are encouraged to use the toilet!
We will have accidents so, parents, please bring in a lot of extra undies, pants, socks, and shoes!
We like pull-ups because we can pull them up and down like undies…PLEASE bring the brand that has VELCRO sides so it’s easier for our teachers to change us faster.
PLEASE dress us in pants that we are able to pull up and down on our own.  Sweat pants and elastic waist bands are the best!
We will wash our hands after using the potty.  Please remember this at home too so we remember that we are not to play in the sink!