Age:  6 weeks to 18 months

Lead Teacher:  Ms. Lana

The babies in our care are on their own schedule.  This means they eat and sleep on demand.  Parents are required to supply enough prepared bottles for the entire day.  Some babies do not eat and sleep at school like they do at home.  Please make sure that we have at least one extra bottle each day in-case it may be needed.  Once the bottle is offered, it is only drinkable for one (1) hour.  Parents are also required to supply baby food.  Once baby is eating table foods, the center supplies 2 meals and 2 snacks.  We rely on a lot of parent and teacher communication since baby cannot speak for him/herself.

Once baby celebrates her first birthday, we start to adjust her schedule to our Toddler daily schedule.  Baby will no longer have a crib but, will take her nap on a cot.  He/she will be allowed to have a blanket.  He/she will be down to one (1) nap at our center.  He/she will be eating all of our table foods and drinking from a sippy cup.  He/she will learn to walk and be able to help with simple tasks like putting toys away, feeding herself, and say single words such as Hi, Mom, Dad, Ball, etc.