February Newsletter
Happy Valentine’s Day to all.
I am proud to say all our 1 year olds: Lucas, Medina, Julia,
Audrey, and Alivia, are doing so amazing with learning.
Cristiano is our youngest at 10 months, he is doing so
good and loves story time, singing songs, crawling
everywhere, and standing up on his own.
We practice on recognizing colors, counting
numbers(1-20), and learning our ABC’s everyday. Also,
we sing and dance everyday, they love it!
We do painting and use play dough, which is a fun way to
learn colors.
Lunch time consists of learning manners, placing our
hands in our lap, and keeping plates, cups, forks, and
spoons on the table. When they’re done eating, we push in
our chairs and throw away the napkins and plates.
We take every opportunity we can to go outside and get
fresh air, so please remember to dress warm (hats,
gloves, and snow pants) and label all items.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
Ms. Lana


Age:  6 weeks to 15 months

Lead Teacher:  Ms. Lana


Social / Emotional:

-Working on getting to know your baby, and your baby getting to know their caregiver

-Talking to your baby using verbal communication, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc

-Helping them feel safe so they can thrive


Sensory Activities:

-Learning to hold or shake a rattle, hold your hand, hold their bottle, tummy time, etc

Gross Motor:

– Learning to roll, sit up, crawl

-Moving head from side to side

-Lifting head during tummy time

Fine Motor Skills:

-Reaching for items

– Handling objects like soft blocks


-Sing nursery rhymes

-looking at books, pictures with bright colors, faces, animals etc.