Brenda Parker


Hi, my Name is Ms. Brenda!

I am part Owner with my friend/director Christine Coutilish. I received an associate’s degree in Fine Arts from St Clair Community College. I also have Early Education credits. In the fall I will be finishing up my courses to become Co-Director.

I have lived in Macomb Mi for 16 yrs and was married for 15 yrs. I have 3 beautiful children. Now that my children are older I decided it is time to start working again. I worked in a local daycare before my children were born. One day it just came to me that I wanted to open a daycare because of my love for children. So I talked to my husband and he said lets go for it. I called my best friend and asked her if she wanted to open a daycare with me. She jumped at the chance. With a lot of hard work and long nights Macomb Learning Center was born. I look forward to the wonderful journey ahead of us.